iPod/iPhone/iTouch to Computer Transfer Software

We do the research so you don't have to!

We truly understand our customer's pain to find a good tool for them in today's market as there are so many choices, our editors have downloaded all the products and have them tested on our lab. The mission of our reviews are to provide unbiased reviews and comparisons of the best half dozen makes or brands of a given product to provide customers with sufficient information to determine what is the best make, brand or model of that product for them. We focus on iPod/iPhone/iTouch to computer transfer software.

Our goal is to continually expand the new software on today's market and have them reviewed timely, to continually improve, to provide the customer with a quality service, and to make a reasonable profit in the process.

While we generally receive a commission on sales, our recommendations are not based on commissions paid, but rather on the quality of the product.

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